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Weekly Message, Mayoral Forum #4, & Upcoming Event

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In my weekly message, I discuss the fact that in order to move Peoria ahead, we have to change who we elect. Partisan politics shouldn't play in Peoria. We need the best from all parties working together to make Peoria the best community to set down roots and raise a family. I want to fix City Hall, not make a career in it.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc and Strictly Hip Hop 90.7 hosted a candidate debate this past week and gave people an opportunity to hear the candidates actually address issues and the differences in their campaigns. I continue to tell people that when you hear candidates talk about how they will get things done, listen closely. I specifically address implementing policy and living a lean budget while most of the other candidates are a reboot of what we currently have in power and don't understand how our form of government works.

The debate was livestreamed on Facebook and had some technical difficulties, requiring the broadcaster to split the video into two.

This Wednesday night at 7:15 PM, I will be having a discussion with Associate Editor Chris Kaergard and Marc Supreme from 90.7 WAZU. You can watch on the Peoria Journal Star Facebook page or click the picture below for a direct link to the Journal Star Facebook Page.

We are down to the last 15 days in this election. If you have not yet voted, you can go to the Peoria County Election Commission on Brandywine Drive and vote from 8:30-4:30 every weekday and beginning this coming Saturday, they will have weekend hours! Regardless of when you do it, please, get out and vote, Diaz for Mayor!

Lastly, Diaz was featured in the February issue of the Peoria magazine. Please click on the image below to be taken to their webpage and learn more about why Diaz is running for Mayor of Peoria, what he brings to the table, and how he is working to inspire others to do their part to make Peoria thrive!

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