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The Issues

We can overcome any challenge, together. 


Community Engagement

We need voices from throughout our community to make a choir of change. Citizens have largely been ignored and disengaged in Peoria politics for too long. Whether they have been disenfrachised or never knew how to make a difference, my candidacy will work to be sure you are heard, positions are clear, and while we may not all agree on the path to take, we have the same destination in mind. 

Dream Big; Inspire the Future

The city continues to struggle with the hiring and retention of qualified applicants who actually live in the city of Peoria, especially when it comes to our public safety staff. We must change the trend and begin to recruit students out of high school, mentor them, train them in house, and develop our future leaders in not only Public Safety, but all of our city departments. An educated community that has opportunities for growth will lead to a renaissance in our city. 

We must also make decisions that will give us opportunities in the future. We cannot consider just the financial impact of a decision today, we have to consider the long term consequences and the position it will leave us in the future. 

Responsiveness and Leadership

We have great staff within our city departments, they are lacking leadership and vision. Whether it is changing the departmental structure, replacing department heads, or our city manager, we must make a change. For too long, we have continued to do things the old way and experienced stagnant growth, departure of business, and desertion from our urban core. We must identify and nurture innovation within the community. I believe that we have the talent and leaders within our community to take the reins and lead us into the future, and acknowledge that we may need to search for talent outside our community to help us see the beauty and possibilities we possess at home.  Either way, we cannot continue with the same people in the same positions and expect different results. 

Transparency in Government

Multi-million dollar decisions are made with limited discussion or debate. Lawsuits and bankruptcies have cost us dearly, and personal relationships take priority over the financial welfare of our community. I will work to bring those discusions to the floor of the council chambers and hold not only our city staff accountable, but my fellow elected leaders accountable as well. 


Boldly dreaming for a greater Peoria

In order to revitalize our community, we must be responsive to the needs of our citizens, dream big to imagine and implement bold new policies, and dare to be different. We have to stop finding reasons to say no, and search for ways to say YES to new development and strategies for growing our city.  

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