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Andres "Andy" Diaz

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Born and raised in the North Valley of Peoria, I am the son of immigrants and proud graduate of Woodruff High School and Bradley University. 

Engaged in the Community

Since my teenage years, I have been an active and involved member of the community. Over the years, I have not been a stranger to receiving awards or recognition for the work I have done in the community. Whether it was because I was helping fix kids bikes, going Over the Edge to support one of my favorite Non-Profits, Peoria Friendship House, or opening up a small farmers market in the North Valley of Peoria. I do these things not for the recognition, but because I recognize that sometimes, instead of asking for intervention from the government, we as citizens must do the work. In those cases, I roll up my sleeves and get to work. As well as pursuing making a difference on my own block, I sit on the board of the Community Action Agency (PCCEO) and the Peoria Friendship House, where I believe my input and guidance is useful in helping move those organizations forward. 


Boldly dreaming for a greater Peoria

In order to revitalize our community, we must be responsive to the needs of our citizens, dream big to imagine and implement bold new policies, and dare to be different. We have to stop finding reasons to say no, and search for ways to say YES to new development and strategies for growing our city.  

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