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Urgent Call to Action & Weekly Update

Friends, I have a call to action for everyone who knows a voter in Peoria. I need your help to get out the vote and encourage others to go and vote Diaz for Mayor! Please send the letter below to your friends and neighbors. You can share the PDF by email/text or print the letter, sign it, and mail it to your friends. If you mail a letter, it needs to be in the mail by this Friday, February 19th to ensure that the letter gets to your friend by Election Day, Tuesday, February 23rd. I have copies printed and available in envelopes with postage, waiting for your friends' addresses. Please text or call me at 309-453-6951 and let me know how many copies/envelopes you need and where I can deliver the letters.

Introduction Letter - Friends mailer
Download PDF • 92KB

I shared my love for Peoria in my Valentine's Day message this week. If you, too, have a love for Peoria, share the message with your friends and encourage them to get out and vote this week. With only 8 days until the election, we need every vote!

This week I had a conversation with the Peoria Journal Star. This was a Facebook Live event, you can check out the interview in the video below. My segment begins at 1:11:38 in the video.

Lastly, please take notice of the new tab on our webpage. We have some great videos available for you to see and share with others. I discuss everything from the importance of voting to the start of Urban Acres. I encourage you to take a few minutes and check them out.

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