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Mayoral Forum #2 & Campaign Updates

The second Mayoral Forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters and broadcast by WCBU, is available to watch below.

I continue to advocate for the people of Peoria first, with reform at City Hall through policy changes I will bring to the council floor. My video of the week breaks out the idea of taking care of, and strengthening, our home grown talent. See past videos on Facebook, by clicking HERE.

This coming Thursday, January 28th, at 6PM via Facebook Live, the Peoria Innovation Alliance will be hosting a Return to Better forum with the candidates. Please sign up and tune in! [Clicking on the Picture will take you to Facebook Event]

Early voting has begun. Please take time out this week to go vote Diaz for Mayor!

[Clicking on the image will open a new window to the Peoria County Election Commission early voting page.]

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